The Power of Mobility

InformaTrac Pro

Use your smart device to move, locate, assign custodianship, view valuable KPIs, and get alerts. You no longer need fixed stations or advanced personal computers to see what’s going on. With the Power of Mobility you now have the option of using your smart phone to scan items and, at the same time, get all the valuable information to make smart decisions that impact your day to day operations.

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Perform Business Actions

Whether you're receiving raw material, checking out a tool, or moving an asset, you can now do it all from your smart phone or any smart mobile device. Use your smart phone’s camera to quickly scan a barcode or even read radio signals such a Bluetooth, NFC, and even UHF RFID. Today’s technology is here today.

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InformaTrac Pro Smart Mobile Devices Mobility

InformaTrac PcVue Smart Phone

Contextual Mobility

In conjunction with PcVue contextual mobility solutions, InformaTrac can offer solutions that deliver contextual information to the user based on the their current location. By providing focused information based on the specific person, their skill sets and their location, the user is allowed to performing at their best without wasting time trying to dig through information not pertinent to the task at hand.

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Locate Your Assets

No need to go back to your desktop or laptop. Just bring up InformaTrac Pro on your smart phone and locate the information you need. Reports, KPI dashboards, and digital locator screens are quickly accessible from any mobile to device. Easily pull up asset locations, inventory on hand, and perform transactions right from wherever you are.

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InformaTrac Pro Mobility Locator

InformaTrac Pro Mobility Red Exclamation


If an asset leaves a designated area, or an asset is nearing the end of its expected life, or an item is on/out of a location too long (such as a freezer or oven), an alert will arrive on your mobile device. Get a notified via text or email instantaneously as the violation happens, enabling you to take care of the problem before it’s too late!

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All Your Data Moves With You

No more waiting to get the data you need. All of your data is secure and accessible on your smart device. You can view any report or KPI no matter where you are, whether you are in your plant or around world. All the data is available real-time. Log in with your security credentials and you have the critical data you need to perform your job from anywhere.

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InformaTrac Pro Mobility Big Data

InformaTrac Pro Mobility Puzzle

Easy Integration

Integrate your mobile devices to other technologies and applications such as RFID, Automation, and ERP functions utilizing InformaTrac Pro web services and APIs. InformaTrac can help you utilize mobile devices for your entire enterprise wide applications.

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