Radio Frequency IDentification

The staff at InformaTrac have been working with RFID for more than a decade.  Whether you need a partner to implement an RFID solution that's already designed or if you're just starting out and have questions, the team at InformaTrac is ready to help.  InformaTrac is a single source provider for all things RFID.  From consulting to readers, tags, software, implementation, support and maintenance,  InformaTrac can help.

  • RFID Solutions to fit  your business
  • InformaTrac RFID Software is easily configurable
  • InformaTrac Works Close with the Premier RFID Hardware Manufacturers
    • Get the right RFID Readers and the right RFID tags for your business needs
    • RFID Antennas
    • LF, HF and UHF RFID Tags, Antennas and Readers
    • Active and Passive Tags
    • Handheld and Fix Mounted Readers
  • Off the Shelf Tags for any need or budget
  • RFID Expert Consultants
  • RFID Education and Training

Illustration of an RFID Tag for InformaTrac

InformaTrac Dashboard on iPad

  • Configurable RFID Software
    • Asset Tracking
    • Item Reconciliation
    • PC, Tablet and Mobile Devices
    • Digital Dashboard

  • Customized Tags for your Special Applications
    • Extreme Temperatures
    • Harsh Environments
  • RFID Portal Technologies and Strategically Located RFID Antennas
    • Location Management
    • Alarm Alerts

BALLUFF RFID Tags for InformaTrac