RFID Vehicle Location Tracking

Project Challenge:

A vehicle manufacturing company puts away completed and semi-completed vehicles in outside lots across their facility. Vehicles are not always put in their proper places, making them hard to find. This manufacture assembles ninety percent of the same make and model. These vehicles are also not painted, so they all look alike. If a set of vehicles are not in the place they're supposed to be, finding the vehicles can take a lot of time, sometimes days, especially if they are at full capacity, which is over 2,000 vehicles.


Put low cost RFID window tags on each vehicle, place asphalt tags in strategic zones in the lots. By using hand held RFID scanners to put the vehicles away (read asphalt tag and read window tag as the vehicle is put away), lost vehicles become a thing of the past. Portals are put at entry points of the lots to see what's in the lot and what's not. WiFi towers are placed in strategic areas to connect the hand scanners and communicate information back into the network. InformaTrac Pro get's data real-time and provides up to date information for every vehicle. Instead of searching for vehicles, simply enter the VIN into the system and instantly get the location of the vehicle. Accountability and increased visibility enables loss reductions and increased throughput with increased overall production.


  • RFID Asset Management Software Quickly Installed
  • Use off the shelf RFID Readers, RFID Window Tags, RFID Asphalt Tags
  • RFID Scanner allows for quick placement of Vehicle
  • Web Reporting (on secured intranet) for real-time KPIs of current location, reconciliation and loss prevention reports
  • Quickly know where all vehicles are
  • Significantly reduces misplaced and off lot vehicles

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