RFID Tracking

InformaTrac pro

Radio Frequency Identification Tracking (RFID Tracking) has reached a new level recently, making solutions easier to install and maintain. Working closely with only the premier RFID vendors, InformaTrac has access to the best solutions available. RFID applications are growing rapidly, especially as an enterprise solution for asset location management, work-in-process and other automation processes. By applying an off-the-shelf RFID tag, with no programming, your assets and other materials can be tracked across multiple locations in real time. When you pair this technology with our InformaTrac web-based enterprise management solutions for data tracking and reporting, you get an easy to use solution to quickly view where everything is right now. Using strategically placed antennas, in conjunction with InformaTrac’s SCADA and Enterprise solution, you can easily track everything in the format that’s most intuitive to you.

How RFID Tracking Work

Each RFID tag has a code embedded which is unique to any other code on any other RFID tag. This tag is married to the Asset ID of the item you place the tag. These tags come in many forms (Active, Passive, UHF, HF, soft, hard, industrial, etc.). InformaTrac can help you with what type of tags you will need for your application. The most important piece of information is when the right tag is placed onto the asset for your application, you will be able to track that asset as it becomes in range of any antenna. Once that data is read, InformaTrac will put the information into a database in the format that is readable by you real-time.

RFID Antenna used with RFID Tracking and InformaTrac Pro

Illustration of a vehicle and an RFID antenna used in RFID Tracking for InformaTrac Pro

How InformaTrac Solutions Sync with RFID Tracking Technology

At the heart of InformaTrac solutions is RFID (or Barcode) technology. Without a software system to support the collection and analysis of coded data, the codes would be useless. So we like to say we bring the barcodes and RFID to life through our InformaTrac Asset Management, SCADA and WIP solutions. Once you scan a coded item into our system that object is live in the system and can be monitored, tracked, reported on and managed. Once in the system, you can recall information with ease, generate reports or make macro-level production decisions in real time.