RFID Tool Checkout

Project Challenge:

A large machine shop was having a problem locating tools being taken from the tool crib. Technicians were on an honor system to fill out a paper sheet every time they took a tool from the crib. The problem was three fold. First, when a tool was missing, the person looking for the tool would have to go through all the outstanding sheets looking to see who last checked out the tool in question. This task took too much time. Secondly, the sheets were not properly filled out make it likely there was no record of the last time the tool was taken from the crib. Thirdly, even when they did know who had the tool, the tools sometimes would be borrowed while they were out making it even less likely to find the tool without sending out a search party.


Use Informatrac Asset Pro and Location Management Software and RFID Technology to track the all the tools as the leave the crib and at critical locations through the facility. RFID tie tags tied to all the tools or the tool box containing the tool. All employees are assigned an RFID badge. Portals are put at the crib entry way. All tools that leave the area are recorded as out and are associated the technician who left with the tool. The tool is checked back into the crib as the tool enters back into the area. RFID antennas are placed in critical read zones through the shop and as the tool enters the read zone it is assigned to that location. Tools are now easily located with no need for user interaction saving time and money.

Tool crib in a storeroom with tools that can use InformaTrac Pro for RFID Tool Checkout.

RFID Tie Tag used with InformaTrac Pro for RFID Tool Checkout


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