RFID Operator Test Verification

Project Challenge:

An electronics component manufacture packages their end product on reels of tape. A vision system verify's the components are placed correctly with no breaks. If a break occurs, the machine stops. An operator must then repair the break and then restart the machine. The challenge is that they had no way to automatically confirm the operator is certified to make the repair, restart the machine, and/or record by whom and when the change was made. They used a manual log that was frequently missing log entries. And even when the operator did enter a log , it took too much time to match who made the repair to the actual repair time. Mistakes on the repairs were being made, but they did not know who had been doing the repairs, preventing management from pinpointing who was making the mistakes.


Use InformaTrac Pro with RFID Operator Test Verification to track information through an RFID Reader and PLC. Each certified operator receives an RFID tag (on their badge). When a break happens, the operator makes the fix and simply restarts the machine. When the machine is restarted the operators RFID tag is read. If they are certified, then InformaTrac Pro sends a go signal to the PLC. If not, the machine will not restart. All information is stored in the InformaTrac Pro database giving complete genealogy of when breaks are repaired and who restarted (or attempted to restart) the machine. This allows management to focus on the individuals making the mistakes, retraining, and improving overall throughput and quality.

SMT Operator that can use RFID Operator Test Verification with InformaTrac Pro

Component Reel that can use rfid operator test verification using InformaTrac Pro


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