RFID Key Tracking

Project Challenge:

A correctional facility needed a way to track keys that were issued to guards to prevent them from being lost or accidentally taken out of the facility. For security reasons, state law mandated the staff to perform a full key audit at the end of each shift. This count alone would take at least an hour per shift and in most cases any lost keys were never found.

In order to save time, prevent the loss of keys and improve security, they needed a faster way to audit the keys and a way to raise awareness if they were leaving a secured area.


Put in RFID Location Management Software with portals at each security check control point. Security Control Offices have an RFID Scanner and scans officers badge and keyset as the officer goes on shift. Officers leave keys with Security Control Officer at end of shift, which the Security Control Officer checks back into the system. Any officers who accidentally walk out with their keysets are flagged at the RFID portal with a red light and alarm signalling to stop that officer and get his keyset.

At the end of shift, Security Control Officer simply uses the RFID handheld scanner and scans through all keys and within a minute gets a full count of all keys accounted for, a list of missing keys, and a list of any keys unexpected (not checked in). This system saves hours each day in counting keys as well as reduces the number of keysets lost or stolen.


  • RFID Asset Management Software Quickly Installed
  • RFID Key fobs put on each key set
  • Asset Reconciliation Accomplished Quickly, Saving Hours per day
  • RFID Portals Stop Assets from leaving the facility
  • RFID Scanner allows for quick checkout to officers during shift change
  • Web Reporting (on secured intranet) for real-time KPIs of current location, reconciliation and loss prevention reports
  • Meets state regulation requirements

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