RFID Inventory Tracking

Project Challenge:

A large distribution company was facing what many companies like them face everyday: Time lost looking for improperly identified inventory, looking for lost inventory, and losing proper counts of existing inventory. This problem leads lost time and lost opportunities with overstated and understated inventory levels. In a world of customers who depend on lean practices, if their supply chain fails, their whole system fails.


Use InformaTrac Pro for RFID Inventory Tracking with standard passive UHF RFID Tags. By simply applying these RFID tags to all received pallets and bins, using RFID readers on the forklift, the tags are automatically read when the forklift picks up the pallet or bin. UHF RFID tags are placed strategically at each location point (shelf, room, shipping, etc.). When the forklift puts the item away, the container RFID tag is associated with the location RFID tag giving the precise location of the pallet or bin. The investment is quickly realized through recapture of lost hours and achieving accurate inventory levels. No longer is there a need to send a search party out for those lost items or needing to call the customer letting them know their order is going to be late.

Employees in a warehouse that can use InformaTrac Pro for RFID Inventory Tracking.

Large warehouse that can use InformaTrac Pro for RFID Inventory Tracking.


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