RFID Inmate Tracking

Project Challenge:

A Departments of Corrections facility needed to track high security inmates and their "out of cell" time. Each inmate is entitled to a set amount of "out of cell" time by state mandate. This particular facility was tracking the "out of cell" inmate time manually with a hand written log. The officers, in full gear need to secure the inmate for movement while making sure they keep themselves protected. To manually have to write down each inmate's identification number, reason for out of cell, and time out of cell was too demanding on the officers to keep accurate records. In turn, the records were incomplete, leading to misinformation and potential law suits.


Use Informatrac Pro and Location Management Software and RFID Technology for RFID Inmate Tracking as the inmates and return to their cells. RFID label tags are applied to the inmates and the officers identification cards. The identification cards are scanned as well as the reason for out of cell. If an inmate refuses the out of cell time, a secondary officer can be scanned as a witness. The result is a quick entry of all inmate movement with full reporting. If an inmate has not been given the opportunity to get their out of cell time, the officers know and can offer it to the inmate. Having full records of all out of cell time and any refusals are the exact records the correctional facility needs to ensure the inmates rights and maintain the documentation needed to meet all state regulations.

Inmates that can use location reporting via RFID Inmate Tracking and InformaTrac Pro

Legislature calling for RFID Inmate Tracking that can be provided with InformaTrac Pro


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