RFID Fuel Dispensing Control

Project Challenge:

Natural Liquid Gas Dispenser has a 24/7 loading station located out in the desert next to a big mine. They store methanol siphoned off from the local mine, clean it, and then dispense it to tanker trucks which distribute it throughout the local metropolitan regions. Each driver needs to be certified, as well as the truck cab and the tank the liquid gas will be dispensed into. A control system is in place to allow them to dispense the liquid gas, but has no way to verify if all three (driver, cab, and trailer) are certified. Manually checking for certifications and entering the information proved time extensive, and allowing drivers to side step the system violate state and federal regulations.


Use InformaTrac Pro to track all three with an RFID Fuel Dispensing Control Solution. When the drivers, trucks and trailers are certified, put them into the InformaTrac Pro Database, and assign RFID to each item. Use RFID key fobs for the drivers, use RFID windshield tags for the trucks, and user higher end rugged tags for the outside of the trailers. Use RFID Antennas at each dispensary location to read all three tags (driver, truck, and trailer) as the truck pulls into the dispensary lane. InformaTrac Pro immediately reads the three tags and verifies each. If they are good to go, the control system is given a go ahead flag with the information tied to each three tags. The control system will then allow the driver to dispense the liquid fuel. If any of the three are not good to go, an alarm is sent to the control system, stopping the driver from dispensing any fuel.

In the end, all regulations are met with a smooth operation eliminating unnecessary wait times.


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