RFID Out of Freezer Tracking

Project Challenge:

A helmet manufacturer is making helmets for the DoD. These helmets are constructed using high tech materials that must be frozen until the mold is complete. The challenge is that the freezer-critical material is cut, kitted, and formed along with different batches of the same material. Therefore, not only do the individual rolls of material require tracking, but the cut materials put into kits, and helmet forms must also be tracked. If any one of the items in the helmet exceeds out of freezer time it can significantly weaken the overall helmet, making it a life critical issue. Because of the sensitivity of the material, the DoD has extensive reporting requirements to prove out each helmet.


Use InformaTrac Pro connected with RFID/Barcode Readers and the PLC for RFID out of freezer tracking. Each roll is given an RFID tag that is read as it goes into and out of the freezer. When individual helmets are created, barcode labels are applied and scanned at each station before performing the operation. If at any step, an RFID or barcode tag is read that is attached to a helmet that has exceeded out of freezer time, the helmet is immediately rejected. This solution not only error proofs the process, but also provides all the genealogy and traceability data for delivery to the customer and quality control.

Helmet that can use RFID and Barcode tracking with InformaTrac Pro.


  • RFID Asset Management Software Quickly Installed
  • Use off the shelf RFID Readers, RFID Antennas and RFID Tags
  • Use RFID and Barcode side by side
  • InformaTrac Pro RFID Location Software tracks operators and actions
  • Track, accumulate and validate out of freezer time
  • Web Reporting (on secured intranet) for real-time KPIs for current location, out of freezer alarms and violations
  • Complete Traceability
  • Significantly increase quality output​

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