RFID Engineering/Test Tracking

Project Challenge:

A company making high end infrared components was losing product when engineers would take the product out of production for tests and experimentation. This product is very small, the package cassettes are as small as 3" square. These products are very expensive, sometime more than $50,000 a piece. Many times the product would be found, but not for months, because it was located on some test bench among other products and measurement tools. In those cases, the opportunity would be lost because the product would become outdated losing the potential value it once had.


Use Informatrac Asset Pro with RFID Engineering/Test Tracking, Location Management Software and RFID Portal Technology to track the product as it leaves and enters the test and engineering department. RFID tags are applied to the product cassette as the product is assembled. Anytime the product leaves or enters an area the product's location is updated in InformaTrac Pro's Location Management system. If a product is lost, simply put the product's serial number into InformaTrac Pro and get the last location it was scanned. If the product is still not found, simply use a handheld RFID scanner, enter the ID, and the scanner will show a signal and beep (like a Geiger counter) until you are right on the unit. Having this system eliminated lost items and helped realize the maximum value of existing product on hand.

RFID Portable Scanner that can be used with InformaTrac Pro.

Electronic chip that can be tracked with RFID Engineering/Test Tracking with InformaTrac Pro.


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