RFID Engine Block Tracking

Project Challenge:

A rental company of heavy equipment's fleet maintenance organization needed to track engine blocks that would be sent out to be re-bored. When the blocks would return, they would need to match them to the precise set of cylinders that met the exact tolerances of the re-bore sizes as a well as the the equipment ID it was taken from. Since many of these engines are the same, engines would be put on the wrong equipment, or worse, the wrong cylinders would be placed into the head which would lead to poor performance.


Use Informatrac Asset and Location Management Software matched to Rugged High Temperature RFID tags for RFID Engine Block Tracking. The tag is matched to an Equipment ID RFID tag placed on the windshield of the equipment. When the engine is pulled and sent out it, the location ID of where it is sent is scanned as the engine block is sent out. When the engine block returns, the RFID tag is scanned letting the maintenance crew know exactly which equipment the engine block belongs to. With this solution, the wrong cylinders no longer get placed into the wrong engine block and the right engine is on the right piece of equipment. And, an added benefit is they now know exactly where every engine block is located.

Industrial vehicle that can use InformaTrac Pro for RFID Engine Block Tracking

Large engine that can be tracked with InformaTrac Pro for RFID Engine Block Tracking.


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