RFID Digital Media Tracking

Project Challenge:

A studio production company brings in motion picture digital media for post production work. This digital media has a very high value since it contains motion pictures not yet released to the public. The media needs to be monitored closely and allowed only to go to the areas destined where work is to be done. The process of checking out the media and movement required security personnel to check and double check all staff moving between the secured areas. This security measure would slow down the process. And, even with the security measures, media would be misplaced and stolen. The loss in time and in lost media was unreasonable.


Use Informatrac Asset Pro for RFID Digital Media Tracking with Location Management Software and RFID Portal Technology to track the product as it leaves and enters the secure areas. RFID tags are applied to the media cassette as the product is received and placed into a vault. Anytime the media leaves or enters an area it moves through an RFID portal. All digital media must be checked out to an authorized staff member before it can move out of the Vault. The digital media is then assigned to where it can go, limiting which RFID portals the digital media can pass. If the digital media pass through an unauthorized area, lights are lit, an alarm bell sounds and the door will not open. Security no longer needs to stop each individual and search the check out log because the RFID portals and InformaTrac Pro does it for them. This solution stops any unauthorized movement in it's tracks resulting in zero losses while allowing speedy movement for all authorized digital media.

Digital media hard drive that can be used with InformaTrac Pro and RFID Digital Media Tracking

Security Guard that illustrates how InformaTrac Pro provides RFID Digital Media Tracking


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