RFID Book Checkout

Project Challenge:

A charter school in Southern California has a hundred remote sites to help challenged high school kids to get back on track. These students are given books to use, but those books don't always get returned. The school needed a quick way to checkout books to students and easily report on which books were checked out to who. At the end of the year they need to check the books back in and get a full accountability of all the books, including a list of missing books and which student the book was assigned to.


Use RFID Book Checkout along with Barcodes on student books and student IDs. Give a portable scanner to each teacher. Use the Student Information System (SIS) to get all students assigned to each class in InformaTrac Pro. Use InformaTrac Pro and a handheld scanner connected to the teachers PC to checkout all the books to each student. At the end of the semester, check all the books back in by simply scanning the book. In the end, the charter school has a full accounting of every student and what books they have. Teachers know instantly what students didn't turn in their books. The charter school can send emails and eventually charge students for books they didn't return.

School books that can use RFID Book Checkout from InformaTrac Pro

Students that can use RFID Book Checkout with InformaTrac Pro


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