RFID Asset Tracking

Project Challenge:

A private School in California would receive and maintain hundreds of tablets, laptops, printers, and other equipment for their classrooms and students. The equipment would be lent out on a regular basis to students and teachers. The school tried to track who has what by keeping notes and/or paper logs. Over time these documents would be misplaced and would result in items being lost or not returned. Using a manual system, there was no easy way to track who had what, and doing inventory counts and reconciliations were very time consuming and often inaccurate.


Put low cost RFID tags on each piece of equipment when it is received at the school. As each item is distributed to a classroom, teacher or student, the item is checked out with the software to a location, or to the person(s) at that location. Inventory reconciliation is done by room on a bimonthly basis using a standard PDA RFID Data Collection Terminal or a Tablet Computer using a RFID scanner.  Through the use of software and asset tracking, the school can easily account for their assets in real time.


  • RFID Asset Management Software Quickly Installed
  • Asset Reconciliation Accomplished Quickly, Saving Hours
  • RFID Scanner allows for quick checkout or movement to location
  • Web Reporting (on secured intranet) for real-time KPI's of current location, reconciliation and loss prevention reports
  • Quickly know who has what and where
  • Significantly reduces lost and stolen equipment

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