RFID Asset Management Software

InformaTrac pro

InformaTrac Provides east to configure RFID Asset Management Software and RFID Location Management Software for your business. RFID simplifies the process providing a more accurate tracking process with little or no human interaction. InformaTrac Pro's solution brings together best in class RFID partners to collect precise locations to bet control assets enabling reduced losses and increased revenues.


  • Easy, Configurable RFID Connectivity
  • RFID Read Zone Definitions Identify Asset Locations in Real-Time
  • RFID Tracking on all Asset Movement with complete Traceability
  • Location Management and Control to Reduce Asset Loss
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • RFID Enables Fast Reconciliation of all Assets
  • Web Reporting, simple and easy on all locations movement
  • Alarm Alerts when Assets move to restricted areas
  • Complete Asset Traceability History

InformaTrac Report Screenshot

Illustrated RFID Tag