RFID Assembly Error Proofing

Project Challenge:

A Manufacturer of high end car part assemblies was having problems in the automation of assembling critical parts. The assembly machine would insert a fork into a shock mechanism. The shock mechanism and the fork are fed through separate intakes into the machine. The machine inserts the fork into the shock mechanism. And finally, the resulting item being fed out into a bin. The problem is if they are making a part that requires fork A, but the operator accidentally feeds fork B, a bad resulting part is made, costing tens of thousands of dollars in bad parts, not to mention the lost time to remake the product and potentially unhappy customers.


Use InformaTrac Pro to track connected to your SCADA or PLC to check parts against the work order. By putting RFID Tie Tags on the parts at receiving, each part is identified to the RFID tag. When the parts enter the machine InformaTrac Pro reads the RFID tag and checks the part numbers against the work order being run. If the parts match, InformaTrac send a go signal and the part is assembled. If the parts don't, then an error is sent and the user is alerted to fix the problem. Bad parts created by wrong assembly combinations are eliminated before they happen. Before running the parts, the user has the option of using a handheld RFID reader to scan the parts in the bins to compare to work order, which further reduces errors during setup. InformaTrac Pro with RFID eliminates waste caused by operator mistakes, increases quality and improved overall yields.


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