ProLinc by Ashton Potter

Manufacturing Execution Software

ProLinc by Ashton Potter is an advanced Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that provides the ability to track the manufacturing of products and their movement through the supply chain anywhere in the world via the web based tracking data management system. Designed for rabid scalability and granular insight, ProLinc combines with Ashton Potter's tamper-proof labeling solutions and integration services to enable complete product serialization, authentication, and traceability.

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InformaTrac is proud to be a Gold Tier Integrator for ProLinc by Ashton Potter.

InformaTrac ProLinc Ashton Potter Manufacturing Execution System MES

InformaTrac ProLinc Ashton Potter ERP System



Extend Leading ERP Systems

ProLinc is designed to work seamlessly with existing enterprise systems, factory equipment, and business intelligence tools to maximize ROI.

InformaTrac ProLinc Ashton Potter Processes



Integrate into Existing Processes

Seamlessly integrate ProLinc into your existing processes and bringing everything together into a single solution.

InformaTrac ProLinc Ashton Potter Brand

Brand Production and Consumer Safety

Insure that safety and brand protection are not afterthoughts

InformaTrac ProLinc Ashton Potter OEE


Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

Realize maximum productivity from equipment and optimize efficiencies with real time production monitoring

InformaTrac ProLinc Ashton Potter Recall Management

Optimal Recall Management

Track every product and component allowing recalls to occur quickly and efficiently

InformaTrac ProLinc Ashton Potter Supply Chain

Global Supply Chain

Traceability for the entire supply chain - from pre-production to production, storage, distribution, purchase, repurchase and end of life.