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Using existing Technology and InformaTrac Pro's Cloud Middleware your users can be assured that the right information is delivered, in real time, to the hands of the person who needs it.  Easily connect your phones, tablets, PC's, RFID and Barcode devices to your enterprise with InformaTrac Pro.

  • Asset Tracking (RFID) Learn More >
    • Manage all of your assets in a single data repository
    • Check In Check Out
  • Location Management (RFID) Learn More >
    • Coordinate assets, people and work based on its current and past locations.  Combine Barcodes and RFID to fully automate your location management.
  • People (Contacts, Users, Companies) Learn More >
    • Along with the general users, InformaTrac Pro can be used to track people.  With Barcode and/or RFID tracking you can easily track their current location and their location history.
  • The Power of Mobility Learn More >
    • Access secure data from anywhere with your mobile device.
  • Web Reporting Tools Learn More >
    • Utilize the powerful and easy to use web reporting tools to keep your decision makers informed with virtually any browser on any device.
  • Data Analytics Learn More >
    • InformaTrac can be configured to calculate your company metrics in real time and have them displayed through charts, reports or on the dashboard.
  • Data Dashboard Learn More >
    • InformaTrac Pro's customizable dashboard allows you to configure what information is critical to you and allow that to all be displayed in one convenient location.
  • Professional Web Framework Middleware Learn More >
    • Configure InformaTrac Pro to draw data from other systems, consolidate information and make it available in real time for charting, reporting or for applications.

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