Pharmaceutical Asset Tracking Solution

Project Challenge:

A pharmaceutical company needs to store, locate, and validate critical products that are time sensitive. Items are stored at no more than 10 degree Celsius. Items are placed onto pallets when received and put immediately into the freezer. If an item is out of the freezer for more than two hours, the product must be scrapped. Each pallet is valued at approximately $250,000. The Freezer is also quite large. When they get an order they want to be able to locate pallets fast so the order is put together and put into the truck. Manually tracking the items out of the freezer has proven error prone causing excessive losses.


Put RFID tags on each pallet when it is received. Place RFID Portals at each entry/exit point for at the freezer and at critical location zones in the freezer. Use InformaTrac Pro Location Management Software for Pharmaceutical RFID Traceability. When items leave the freezer, the timer starts. When an item is out of the freezer for greater than an hour, alarm alerts are sent out to cell phones and email addresses. Also, a dashboard in the main warehouse displays all alarm items flashing red. Alerts are escalated when a pallet is out of the freezer an hour and half, and then again at an hour and forty five minutes. When the pallet expires, reports are sent out, with an scrap report asking for a cause code. When an item is needed for shipment, the system shows exactly which zone in the freezer it is located, allowing for quick retrieval.

Losses caused from out of freezer expiration's dropped to zero, yielding significant profit increases. Knowing exactly where the pallets are in the warehouse expedites the shipping process, saving significant time and money.


  • RFID Asset Management Software Quickly Installed
  • Use off the shelf RFID Portals, RFID Pallet Tags
  • InformaTrac Pro RFID Location Software tracks direction and out of freezer time
  • Web Reporting (on secured intranet) for real-time KPIs for current location, out of freezer alarms and violations, reconciliation and loss prevention reports
  • Quickly know where all pallets are
  • Significantly reduces losses
  • Report and Alarm on Out of Freezer Times

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