PcVue Solutions

InformaTrac proudly represents PcVue Solutions from PcVue, Inc.


InformaTrac’s staff has grown up in the automation world implementing hundreds of systems from helmet production, semiconductor equipment assembly, wafer processing, oil and gas production, contract manufacturing, as well as many other types of system.   InformaTrac will help you from programming the PLCs on the plant floor, configuring SCADA system, generating reports, dashboards, and analytics, error proofing, and general display enabling.


InformaTrac can also help you convert your current SCADA needs from old antiquated systems to the fully featured easy to use PcVue products.


PcVue is a vendor-independent HMI product with 30 years of experience in SCADA.

  • Many built-in features that meet various market needs
  • A handy and powerful graphic interface that facilitates the operator work and that reduces the users’ training time
  • Reduction of development costs thanks to the object-based approach and modelization tools
  • Reduction of maintenance costs thanks to a high level compatibility from one version to later ones
  • Flexible and scalable platform that adapt to system changes
  • Open platform for integrating future components - software and hardware
  • A modular offer for all kinds of processes, affording great reusability without further investment
  • Sustaining the offer across new Microsoft Windows operating systems, to yield longer-term payback from the system
  • Multilingual products that enable you to distribute the same application internationally
  • Platform that allows the customization
  • PcVue is a fully-featured product that represents the latest advances in SCADA software for multi-station monitoring and control.

The new PcVue range has been designed using recommendations from integrators, OEMs and end-users, and based on ARC Informatique's considerable experience in the industrial automation sector. PcVue features modern ergonomics and tools based on object technology to minimize the time for application development, including the latest tools from Microsoft user interface standards and the security features of Windows® platforms.


PcVue provides a flexible solution for supervising industrial processes, utilities and infrastructure. It meets industrial standards of reliability and performance while maintaining the user-friendliness of an office application. It spans requirements from single-user applications to complex client-server applications with redundancy.


The Advanced Configuration Environment (ACE) - A consistent and innovative platform to develop your application.

PcVue Configuration Editor

It includes the Application Explorer, an “All in one” configuration tool for configuration and diagnosis, the Application Architect to modelize objects and create applications, and the Smart Generators a suite of import tools for mass configuration from third-party or in-house configuration tools (PLC programs, CAD drawings, user software and legacy SCADA/Building Management Systems).


The Powerful Graphical User Interface - Everything you need to design and display full motion graphics of your processes.  The user friendly environment, the set of built-in animations and viewers, objects libraries but also the generic approach of the design, make the development fast and easy using an on-line configuration.  The support of innovative run-time features such as a state-of-the-art animated 3D objects or a GEO Map control for GIS decision making, enhanced even more the operator experience and efficiency.


Communication platform - Yet more protocols!
PcVue supports an extremely wide range of communication standards, including built-in drivers for Industry and machine builders (around 200 current and legacy protocols), Building Management Systems(lns,BACnet,SNMP),Power generation, T&D and Power Systems at large (IECs,DNP3) and  Water treatment & distribution (most telemetry protocols available). Our policy is always to provide connectivity to the widest range of legacy and modern devices.


Data analysis tools - Extract the value from your data

PcVue Data Analysis

PcVue offers all the necessary tools for data extraction, stats and reporting to cover the need for information. PcVue records data to a SQLServer database with its built-in Historical Data Server which make the data available for short term or long term analysis and reporting. Statistical data can be exported to Excel using the built-in Data Export of PcVue. For advanced reporting PcVue can connect to DreamReport software.




Architectures & deployment - Protect your SCADA investment!
PcVue is designed to support multi-station architectures, offering a high scalability of the system and flexible deployments solutions. Inter-messaging and redundancy mechanisms for critical applications are built-in and easy to configure using a networking wizard.


PcVue is fully compatible with virtualized environments and Remote Desktop Services which allow taking advantage of the


PcVue rich clients remotely executed on any device including any terminals with HTML5-compliant web browser.


Mobility - Quick access to your data anytime, anywhere from any device