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InformaTrac pro

InformaTrac Pro’s Asset Location Management Software allows you to track the whereabouts of all your most important assets. Virtually anything can be tracked as an asset including equipment, tools, file folders, vehicles and even people. And by coupling the Location Management Software with advanced hardware technologies like barcoding and RFID you can easily automate the entire process. Let the team at InformaTrac help you put together the right location management solution for your business.

InformaTrac Pro

Easily track the location of all of your assets on any device.

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iPad Running InformaTrac Pro Location Management Software


An array of equipment that can be tracked with InformaTrac Pro


An open toolbox where both the toolbox and the items inside can be tracked with InformaTrac Pro.


The location of important files, folders and documents being tracked with InformaTrac Pro


Wristbands used with barcode and RFID to track people with InformaTrac Pro



Know which assets are in the right place and what's missing.

Import Data

Easily import your locations, assets and users from Excel or other standard data formats.

Import Data from Excel


Perform actions such as check out, assign locations and receive assets with a signature.

Multi Browser Support

Use your favorite browser on devices that are most convenient for your working locations.

Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari Internet Browswers

RFID & Barcode Capabilities

Adding ID technologies dramatically improves the traceability of your assets by saving time and reducing human error. InformaTrac solutions bring together the best in class RFID and Barcode technology partners to deliver state of the art Location Management for your business.

RFID & Barcode

Integrate RFID and Barcoding, simultaneously into your entire facility.

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Track and respond to alarms based on location movement, time access violations and capacity alarms.

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