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InformaTrac Pro

Creative inventory replenishment alerts is now quick to implement.  Using existing RFID technology (Passive or Active) you can quickly install and setup the hardware in conjunction with InformaTrac Pro.  Assigning the RFID to the inventory is as easy as scan and go.  Know where all your inventory is at, what's being produced, and immediately now what needs to be produced.

Supply Chain Management

Keep track and automatically notify personnel and critical systems when more product is needed.  With a Kanban software solution all you product inventory is viewable on floor plans, dashboards and easy to read reports.  Manage the supply chain replenishing inventory as it is consumed or as manufactured items leave their production areas.

Kanban Software InformaTrac Receive Produce Replenish

Kanban Software InformaTrac Just In Time

Just in Time

Produce and receive product only when needed, increasing productivity while eliminating wasted time and space. Easily order, receive or build product inventory as you need it. Implement just in time replenishment using built in Kanban software capabilities and available RFID technologies with InformaTrac Pro Asset Management software.


Send alerts when inventory drops below minimum levels, when inventory moves out of specified locations, and when product demand increases. Get alerts via text or email. Acknowledge and view alerts real-time via a color coded easy to use alarm screen. InformaTrac Kanban software alerts users and other systems automatically. Implement alerts using the InformaTrac Pro Location Management Software.

Kanban Software InformaTrac Alert

Kanban Software InformaTrac Interface


Easily interface to third party manufacturing and third part solutions. Quickly notify third party ordering and manufacturing applications when more inventory is needed. Automatically order and signal to product additional product as the inventory is depleted.