Implementing RFID Location Management Software Solutions


InformaTrac can assist you in implementing a best in class RFID location management solution using our off-the-shelf asset management software. Our proven methodology assures a successful cost-effective solution. Our solutions are executed faster and under cost because our experts have decades of experience with state of the are location management systems using RFID and barcode technology. We use only best in class hardware working with our completely configurable easy to use RFID location management software.

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Let us work with your team and help figure out what solution is right for you. Our experts will do the requirement research and perform solution concept discovery, finding the right software and hardware tools whether it be barcode or RFID. What do you need? Can we utilize what you already have? How can we improve your process? How can you increase your profits?

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Implementing RFID Location Management Software - Investigate

Location Management Implementation - cost analysis

Cost Analysis

Let us work with your team to put together a cost analysis to give you the peace of mind you are getting the best solution available for the best price. Let’s make sure you get your return on your investment as quickly as possible.

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Once we work a solution that best fits for you, then we put together a plan to implement. Our experienced personnel will assist in selecting the right hardware technology including readers, antennas, labels and tags. We will plan out the integration, implementation, training, operation, and maintenance.

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Location Management Implementation - plan


InformaTrac engineers will integrate all the hardware and software as according to plan. All hardware and external software such a MRP, warehouse, and manufacturing software must run seamlessly together.

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We will be there to deploy the solution from installation, integration, configuration of the application, tagging and registering your assets, putting the operations process in place and creating the KPI dashboards, floor plans, alarming, and reports. InformaTrac will assist you from proof of concept to final validation.

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Location Management Implementation - train


We will train you on the system including the RFID Location Management Software, making sure you are efficient with the new tools to effectively run your process. Let us assist you so you can operate the system successfully on day one.

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Once you are up and running you will be ready to execute the system. The solution will become part of your everyday operations. Daily reporting, dashboards, floor plans and alerts will give you the KPIs you need to assure your process is running effectively.

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Location Management Implementation - operate

Location Management Implementation - support

Maintain, Support and Upgrade

Part of the plan will include a maintenance and support plan to keep the system running efficiently. Our trained staff will know your process, answer your questions, resolve issues quickly, and ensure you stay up to date and continue to run smoothly.

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