InformaTrac Dashboard

Data Dashboard - Data Mining - Data Analytics

InformaTrac Pro includes a configurable data dashboard that presents your most important business information front and center. The dashboard is easily configurable with navigational shortcuts to display key business data from multiple sources.

  • Configurable Layout: The layout of the dashboard controls (called widgets) are configured with little effort to clearly present your data on both a PC and/or smart phone (iPhone, Android, Windows).
  • Multiple Dashboards: Different users will have the ability to select dashboards that best fit their business needs.

InformaTrac Data Dashboard Screenshsot

  • Widgets: There are a number widget types to allow you to view your dashboard in a way that best fits your business needs.  These widgets include:

Data Tables: display your most relevant and critical data (alarms, transactions, status information) on the dashboard to be seen as soon as you log in.  The data table widget can even display data that is stored in other databases (automation, manufacturing, personnel, etc…)  Therefore, any information available can be display in the manner you choose with automatic updates to guarantee the data you see is the most recent data available.

Report Shortcuts: Manage a list of your favorite reports and access them directly from the Dashboard.  There’s no need to navigate through menus and trees of information to get to your reports.

Messages: The message widget allows you to quickly get urgent and information messages, such as pass-down, operational, and cautionary items from user to user as they log in.

Navigation Hyperlinks: Quick click and go short cuts to InformaTrac Pro modules as well as to web pages outside of InformaTrac (company website, vendor websites, etc…).

With the InformaTrac Dashboard, you and your users will be able to access their key information from anywhere using a PC, Tablet and/or Smartphone.  Access to your business information will always be within arms reach.

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