Check In / Check Out

InformaTrac Pro

InformaTrac Pro has built the Check In / Check Out module to make it easy to keep track of tools and equipment. You can assign custodianship and/or record when your personnel take and return assets. RFID technologies can automatically assign custodianship as a person leaves an area with tools. The Check In / Check Out capabilities of InformaTrac Pro will reduce downtime due to lost items and provide an analytical overview of how your assets are used.

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Check Out

Checking out a tool is as easy as scanning a barcode. Or, use RFID and automatically capture the item and person as they leave the tool crib or assignment area. Simply register the people and assets, then checking items out is virtually no effort at all.

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InformaTrac Check In / Check Out Tools

Know where all your tools are

Using RFID, you will know, in real time, everywhere the tool has been and always be able to account for every tool. Visually know where assets and people are by using an interactive floor plan. Quickly see tools by person or by asset type using dashboards and reports.

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Check In

Checking in an item is just as simple as checking it out. With RFID the system can automatically check items in as they return to their designated area. Once a tool is checked in, it is available to be checked out again.

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InformaTrac Check In Check Out Check List

InformaTrac Check In Check Out Alarm


Using location and time restrictions the system can easily restrict where tools can go. Violations of the alarms can result trigger events such as alarms, emails, text messages and more. If tools are checked out too long, you can send information reports and email the person who has the asset to let everyone know the asset is overdue.

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Complete Genealogy

Use built in analytics tools and reporting to know everywhere the tool has ever been, who it was with and for how long. Reverse the search to see the history of items checked out by a person. Configure the tools to show information that best fits the business.

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InformaTrac Check In Check Out Graph

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