Barcode Technology allows your business to be more productive with fewer errors and greater accuracy. Join that with the mobile capabilities of InformaTrac and your business can run smoother than ever. ​​InformaTrac provides Off the Shelf and easy to use software that utilizes existing barcode technologies.

  • Support for all barcode formats and technologies including:
    • Code 39
    • Code 128
    • Data Matrix
    • QR Code
  • Barcode Scanners and Imagers
  • Labels and Printers
  • Off the Shelf and Configurable Solutions

Code 128 Barcode InformaTrac

DataMatrix Barcode InformaTrac

Whether you're new to barcodes or you're just wanting to know how to improve on a system you already have, the staff at InformaTrac is always ready to help answer your questions.

Contact InformaTrac at (866) 619-7411 or click on one of the following links for more information: