Barcode Tracking

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Using simple barcode tracking technology, huge quantities of information and data can be stored and shared with advanced software systems to accomplish efficient, lean production and just-in-time supply chain management. If your company is looking for a better way to manage and track its assets, maintain its production lines and/or track work in process manufacturing genealogy, continue reading about how InformaTrac’s Identification solutions integrating barcode technology can help you succeed.

How Barcodes Work

There are a multitude of barcodes, from basic numeric and alphanumeric codes to two-dimensional barcodes that can hold the identification key to access large quantities of data. No matter what type of code is being used, the end game remains the same: each code is unique to something – a product, a shipment of raw materials, a production asset, a vehicle, etc. Once the object is assigned a code, that code is scanned into a computer system and given variables, descriptions or any other piece of identifying information. From that point forward, that object can be tracked and accounted for in any number of meaningful ways.

Barcode Reader used with InformaTrac Pro for Barcode Tracking

How InformaTrac's Technology Interfaces with Barcodes

At the heart of our enterprise solutions is barcode (or RFID) technology. Without a software system to support the collection and analysis if coded data, the codes would be useless. So we like to say we bring the barcodes to life through our CMMS, EAM, MES and WIP solutions. Once you scan a coded item into our system that object is live in the system and can be monitored, tracked, reported on and managed. Once in the system, you can recall information with ease, generate reports or make macro-level production decisions in real time.

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