Asset Management Software

InformaTrac Pro

InformaTrac Pro's Asset Management Software improves visibility, controls movement and keeps detailed records of the who, what, where and when on all of your assets. Enabling RFID and Barcode technologies, you can save time and money by reducing errors and increasing your overall effectiveness.

InformaTrac Pro

Easy to use assets management software that's accessible on any device.

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iPad Running InformaTrac Pro Location Management Software


An open toolbox where both the toolbox and the items inside can be tracked with InformaTrac Pro.


The location of important files, folders and documents being tracked with InformaTrac Pro


Wristbands used with barcode and RFID to track people with InformaTrac Pro


An array of equipment that can be tracked with InformaTrac Pro


RFID & Barcode

Barcode and RFID Asset Management Software that allows Simultaneous Identification and Traceability

Multi User & Multi Browser

Enable users to use any PC and mobile devices to work from any location.

multi browser InformaTrac


InformaTrac Asset Management Software


Detailed Web Reporting

With already over 100 ready to use reports, InformaTrac comes complete with configurable web reporting tools.


Alert users with emails, text messages and reports when an asset moves in or out of approved locations.

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InformaTrac Asset Management RFID Portal Alarm


Single Data Source for Asset Management Software - InformaTrac


Data Warehouse

Consolidate all of your Asset Management information into one database. Use the InformaTrac synchronization tools to insure your other systems have the same information.


Know which assets are in the right place and what's missing. Reconcile assets using barcodes and/or RFID to save time and increase accuracy.

Medical cart that can be traced with Asset Management Software InformaTrac Pro

Track all types of Assets:

  • Tools
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Documents and Files
  • IT Equipment (computers, audio/visual and printers)
  • Vehicles
  • Building Assets (HVAC, Furniture, ...)
  • Medical Equipment
  • Metrology

Check In / Check Out

Track when an item is checked out and who it's checked out to. Easily know what you still have in stock and what has been checked out.



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